Welcome to Equipped to Flourish

Virtual 1:1 holistic lactation and doula support for the 4th trimester.

You were created for this. Let us equip you so you can flourish.

You can thrive in this space!

We are here for you! 

Equipped to Flourish is a fully virtual lactation doula support company. We use a revolutionary holistic mode of care that starts with an intensive 8 week support model. This changes how parents are supported during their parental leave. We offer much more than nursing and pumping support, although we are experts in that field! We use lactation as a catalyst to care for new parent’s mental and physical healing, infant care and growth, and breastfeeding/pumping.


We Believe…

Education and preventive care is key to an empowered journey and averting crisis. We start with prenatal care and guide families from first latch, to back to work, and beyond! This is intentional and continuous support that focuses on mom, but also empowers dads and other supporter to care for mom and baby in ways that are truly helpful.  Our holistic model of care empowers and equips families to thrive on their new money of parenthood. 

If you are ready to have an empowered and supported 4th trimester and stop wondering if things are normal, let us be your people. 

Focusing on your holistic care
(lactation & doula)


Insurance covered, the workhorse, hands free, in bra pump, etc. With so many options to chose from you want an expert in your corner.
Good thing we are experts...


Yeah it is more then nursing. Its actually: supply, latch, night feedings, tube feeding, tongue ties, bottles, not to mention the anxiety that comes with it. Working with 500+ families, we have seen it all.


Bringing home a baby is a monumental moment in a families story. Culture says it is no big deal. We know better. Your mental and physical health deserve a coach and cheerleader. We have our pom poms out!


We see parents succeed when they have the support of their partners. However, most have no idea how and feel totally lost. We will teach your partner how to piss you off less. *outcomes may vary


The 4th trimester certainly involves a learning curve, but it's important to remember that there is no judgment here. We understand that everyone's journey is unique, and we are committed to providing a safe and non-judgmental space for you to learn and grow. We believe that to be successful, you need a different type of care then what is traditionally offered. You deserve constant one-on-one care that grows and changes with you and your baby. This is why we only offer package based care.


On the brink of giving up or mental breakdown? Is nursing or pumping horrible?
We got you. Let us help.

Birth to Eight Weeks

We will take care of you in your 4th trimester, using lactation as a catalyst for bonding. Together we will lay the foundation so you can thrive.

Back to work

Getting ready to leave your baby and go back to work? We will get you back crushing it professionally and as a mom!

We needed support too.

Society says you don’t need help. You will be fine, but seriously? Families deserve support in the 4th trimester.

We are sisters and mothers who know what it is like to feel like you are drowning and giving everything you have to this new baby. Let us give something back to you. 

We have personal experience with:

  • mental health
  • postpartum physical care 
  • low supply
  • over supply
  • mastitis
  • tube feeding
  • power pumping
  • returning to work
  • and all that is in between. 

No judgement here. We got ya.


Complimentary Discovery Call

Ready to talk about your 4th trimester goals, feeding, and healing? Let's meet!